Things You Can Do to Make Filing Taxes Easier for Your Small Business

Things You Can Do to Make Filing Taxes Easier for Your Small Business

February 29, 2020

As the owner of a small business, tax season is likely a stressful time for you. When you have so many other things to do to run your business, having to deal with all the tax paperwork can be at best an inconvenience, and at worst make it difficult to focus on other aspects of your company.

Even if you’re not working with a tax preparation specialist (and you should probably consider doing so), there are still some things you can do throughout the year to make tax season much easier on your company. Here’s a quick overview of some small business tax preparation facts in Union City, NJ that will help you out:

  • Start early: You should track tax information throughout the year—don’t wait for the new year to roll around to get started. Once you file your taxes for this year, focus on establishing good habits that will keep you organized all the way through next tax season.
  • Archive: Rather than just throwing all of your receipts in a single container, you should start an organized archive so you can much more easily track your expenses. Doing it electronically is the best method—there are all kinds of software programs you can use to track your finances and save receipts. Digital receipts should be easy to store away, and if you get physical receipts, we strongly recommend scanning them and creating electronic backups as well.
  • Back up all electronic files: It’s important to make sure you’ve protected your data in the event of a disaster. Back up all of your electronic files relating to your taxes and finances to the cloud, and also to a physical drive if you wish. The last thing you want is to lose a lot of important records you’ll need come tax season.
  • Automate whenever possible: If you’re not already using accounting software with your business, you should start doing so. Software will help you develop much more efficiency and accuracy in your financial operations. There are so many solutions available—all it takes is finding the one that best fits your business’s needs. If you work with an accountant, they’ll be able to help you choose one and implement it in your company so you can get accustomed to how it works.
  • File taxes online: It’s much easier and faster to file your taxes online, and it’s much less likely there will be errors as a result. Plus, there are now some forms that must be filed online, so it makes sense for you to complete the entire process online.
  • Stay on task: Make sure you’re not late in filing your taxes. This will help you avoid extra penalties and fees you wouldn’t have to pay if you had made getting organized a priority.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the steps you can take to get better organized for tax season, we encourage you to contact Kedean’s Generation today for more small business tax preparation tips in Union City, NJ.

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