Tips for Choosing the Right Business Accountant

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Accountant

June 24, 2020

There comes a time for most business owners when staying on top of the business’s finances yourself becomes too much to handle in addition to all of their other duties. Working with a business accountant, whether it’s someone you hire directly to your team or a third-party accountant you work with on an ongoing basis, can provide a lot of value to your company and help you place your focus on other areas of your business, where you are more needed.

But how can you narrow down your search to choose a business accountant in Union City, NJ who is right for your needs? Here are some tips for you to consider as you research potential accountants:

  • Certifications: Any accountant you work with should have the appropriate qualifications, including education and certification. Accountants are regulated by various organizations and agencies to make sure they meet high professional standards. You should only work with certified accountants to ensure you’re getting capable service.
  • Experience: Any accountant you work with should have relevant skills and experience in the tasks you need them to perform. Ideally, this means having an accountant who has experience in preparing financial documents and tax returns for companies of similar size and revenue to yours. They should understand the type of software you use for your business and, ideally, should at least have some insight or experience in the market sector your business is in. They don’t necessarily need to be experts in your field, but they should at least understand the various challenges and idiosyncrasies of your industry.
  • Recommendations: Consider getting recommendations from friends, family members and other small business owners. People you know will always give you reliable recommendations, because they’re not going to want to steer you wrong. You should also be sure to do some online research and find reviews and testimonials about the services of various business accountants in your area.
  • Interview: Before you choose a single accountant with whom you will work, make sure to conduct interviews, even if you’re going with a third-party accountant who technically will not be hired to your company. Don’t just assume the first offer you get or the first accountant you meet with is going to be the best one. You should conduct a series of interviews to help you narrow down your search and better determine the kind of accountant you need.
  • Background research: When you’ve narrowed down your candidates, make sure you research the background of the accountant. You can use professional services for background checks, but you should also get references from all your candidates. This will help you verify the accountant’s skills and training.
  • Savings: Ultimately, you should work with an accountant who you believe cares about and is capable of saving you money. The best accountants are those who go beyond just preparing your tax forms, and help you plan your business and set/work toward various financial goals.

For more information about selecting the right business accountant in Union City, NJ, contact Kedean’s Generation today.

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