What Happens When the Seal Date of a Notary Stamp Expires?

What Happens When the Seal Date of a Notary Stamp Expires?

July 8, 2020

In the majority of states, notary seals are required to contain certain information, including the name of the notary public, the words “notary public” and the specific date when the notary public’s commission will expire. But what happens if that seal date on the notary stamp has expired already?

Typically, upon expiration of the notary stamp, the notary must renew that commission with the Secretary of State. However, there is a common misconception that an expired commission seal date means the notarized document has become invalid. This is not necessarily true—if the notary notarized the document before that commission seal date expiration in Union City, NJ, the document will still be valid.

Here’s an overview of what else you need to know about the notary stamp.

Common issues with seals

The majority of documents that must be notarized will have plenty of space for a seal to be added. However, in some cases the document might lack that space, which can make matters complicated. You can’t put the seal on top of certain key elements of the document or the notary’s signature, as that could result in the document being voided.

In such a case, the notary public should include an extra notary certificate that you can attach to the back of the document. This certificate should include the title of the document, the date on which it was established, the number of pages and the names of any witnesses who may have been required to validate it. The notary should also add to the original certificate a line and his or her initials, with an annotation instructing the reader to see the certificate they attached to the back.

In other circumstances, the seal might not be legible. As stated previously, the seal should always include the name of the notary, the title and the commission date, among other important pieces of information. However, if these items are illegible, the document could be voided in its entirety by the recipient. Therefore, it is important for notaries to make sure the stamp is clear and easy to read, and that all of the proper elements show up without difficulty. If the stamp does not show up well, the notary should re-stamp to improve visibility, making sure to place it directly over the original illegible stamp.

Notary seal usage and requirements

Only notary publics who were commissioned by the state are legally allowed to use notary seals. Anyone who knowingly uses a seal without having that power granted by the state is technically guilty of a misdemeanor offense.

New Jersey is among the states that require notary publics to include a seal on notarized documents. Keep in mind that notary rules vary from state to state, so if you move elsewhere, the rules may change.

For more information about what you need to know about what to do if your notary stamp has expired in Union City, NJ, or for answers to other questions about notary services, we encourage you to contact Kedean’s Generation today.

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