Tracking and Reporting Your Missing Stimulus Check to the IRS

Tracking and Reporting Your Missing Stimulus Check to the IRS

September 8, 2020

Believe it or not, there are some people who still, all these months later, have not received their first stimulus check. While lawmakers continue to mull over the possibility of a second stimulus check, there are plenty of Americans still waiting on their first payment and wondering what action they need to take to get that money into their bank accounts.

The IRS sent out checks, direct deposit payments and prepaid debit cards to the vast majority of adults who qualified for the first stimulus payment this spring. If you did not receive yours yet, there could be a problem causing a delay, and it’s important that you find out what that problem is. Fortunately, there are options for stimulus check tracking in Union City, NJ.

Reporting a missing payment

If you are completely certain you met all the qualifications for the first stimulus check and should have received payment, you might wonder if it’s reasonable to report the missing payment to the IRS. Here are some signs that you should do so at your earliest convenience:

  • You received a confirmation letter from the IRS that payment was sent, but you never received the money
  • The Get My Payment tracking feature reports the IRS already made the payment, but you never received it
  • You believe you may have accidentally thrown your check or prepaid card in the garbage
  • You believe another person stole your check or defrauded you to get access to your payment

There’s also a possibility the IRS still needs you to file another form. If you didn’t submit a tax return for either of the last couple years, or if you do not receive government benefits, then the IRS might not have your information on hand to send you your check. In this case, you’ll need to head to the Non-Filers site run by the IRS, and see if there is any additional information you have failed to provide that the IRS will need to get you your money. You have until October 15 to use the non-filers tool. So long as you register for a payment using that tool, you will receive your check by the end of the year, but if you do not get your information in by then, you will forfeit your payment.

Regarding the Get My Payment tracking tool, this is an app designed for stimulus check tracking. If you get on the app, it should tell you when your check will be processed and how you’ll receive it (paper check in the mail, direct deposit). If it doesn’t provide you with any information or it says your check is on the way but you do not receive it, you’ll need to contact the IRS.

In addition, the Get My Payment tool may say you need to provide more information. This could indicate the check was returned because the USPS could not deliver it. The tool will allow you to enter banking information for direct deposit in such a circumstance.

For more information about what to do if you haven’t received your first stimulus check in Union City, NJ, contact an experienced accountant at Kedean’s Generation today.

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