Looking To Start a Business? Start Here!

Looking To Start a Business? Start Here!

May 21, 2022

Starting a business is never easy. The amount of documentation, strategic development, and legal requirements needed can be overwhelming.

We aren’t scaring you away from entrepreneurship. We want to keep things realistic and make you understand that you can successfully start your own business today. 

So, where do I start if I want to open my own business? We got you covered! Start here!  

Choose a Business Idea 

Take time to research and explore ideas for your business. Consider your skills, interests, availability, resources, and why you want to start a business. After selecting a business idea, craft a business plan to determine the likelihood of making a profit. 

A well-written business plan is an essential document for the success of your business. It’s no secret that you might need start-up funds. Luckily with a well-crafted business plan, you’re likely to get startup funds from lenders and investors.  

Decide on a Business Structure

Limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, or non-profit: Your business structure has liability and tax implications. No matter which business structure you choose, if it’s more complex than a sole proprietorship then you’ll need an accountant to help set it up nicely. 

At Kedean’s Generation, we journey with you from the start to help avoid any tax implications down the road. 

Register Your Business   

You must register your new business within the state government you operate. Also, it is impossible to file for trademark protection or federal tax ID without first registering your business within your federal government. 

Open a Business Bank Account

Opening a business bank account and obtaining a credit card help you manage your finances properly. Keeping your professional and personal finances separate makes filing your tax much simpler. It also helps automate some of the financial steps to start a business easily.  

Organize Your Accounting

Anticipate tax time by setting up your accounting system to make April less stressful. At Kedean’s Generation, we help organize your income and expenses into three categories: inventory costs, business income, and other costs like rent, payroll, and other overheads. Our accountancy services help you stay organized as you grow your business. 

Wrapping Up                         

How do I start my own business? Follow the above five steps. It takes planning, investment, time, and effort, too. Contact us for your new business accounting services to keep your new business financially stable and poised for success.




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