What Do I Do if I Missed the Tax Deadline?

What Do I Do if I Missed the Tax Deadline?

July 7, 2022

A moment of fear rises in many people when they realize they have missed an important tax deadline. Indeed, it makes sense that people would be fearful when they realize that something like this has passed. Fortunately, the IRS knows that this will happen on occasion, and there are things that you can do. 

Can I still file my taxes if I missed the tax deadline?

There are ways for you to handle your tax situation even after the deadline has passed. You will need to be very diligent about trying to make sure you don’t miss these deadlines in the future, though. 

Ideally, you will have already filed an extension so that you have until October to get your taxes filed. However, there are many people for which this is not the case. If you are one of them, know that the pressure is now on to get things done in time to reach the other deadlines that will come your way. 

You can still file your taxes after the deadline, and you need to do so. Before you do, you should get with a professional tax accountant such as those with Kedean’s Generation. We have numerous people on staff who are more than happy to help you with the tax liability situations you find yourself in. 

What to do after missing the tax deadline

The first thing you should do is gather up all of your tax paperwork for the year and pay us a visit. We would like to help serve you in the best ways that we know how. This means working with you directly to ensure you can get your paperwork caught up and that the IRS won’t come after you for overdue taxes. You have to remember there can be extreme consequences if you are not diligent about getting your taxes caught up in the way they need to be, so make sure you get in touch with us immediately. 

We will work with you to get your latest taxes filed and determine if you are due a refund or if you owe money. If you need to pay money in, it is best if you have the funds to do so right now. However, not everyone can pull this off, and you may need to set up a payment plan so the government can work out a deal with you to get you paid. 

Our team can work with you through every step, so you can focus on making the money you need to get everything straightened out again. If you work with us on this, we can help you get it all taken care of just how it needs to be. 

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