Important Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Notary Service

Important Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Notary Service

September 21, 2022

There are over four million notaries in the US, so finding the right expert for the task can be challenging. You want the best candidate for the task, whether you need loan documents, a will, a power of attorney, or any other document notarized.

At Kedean’s Generation in Union City, NJ, we pride ourselves on our reputation for customer service and extensive knowledge of notary public services, income tax preparation, accounting, etc.

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What Should I Consider When Looking for Notary Services?

There are important things one needs to take note of while looking for notary services:

Specialization / Qualification

It would be best to choose a skillful and knowledgeable applicant for super services per your needs. So, how do I choose the right notary service? Most notaries disclose their specialization and qualification on their websites and cards. If you’re searching for legal documents services, you need to hire someone with experience notarizing legal documents. It minimizes the chances of error.

An expert and professional notary will ask you about your situation to help you in determining what type of language to use in your documents. It would be best to be honest with the notary because it’ll determine the course of action in finishing the documents.


Usually, you want to pick the notary closer to you, so you don’t have to travel much. So, before choosing anyone, confirm their location. Picking a notary far from your location can be challenging and wasteful.

Your GPS device can estimate the travel time between the notary and yourself. So, you need to choose the closest one to your signing location to reduce the traveling time. You might also plan a meeting with your notary anytime if both of you live within the same locale.

Cost of Service

Confirming the cost of services before picking the potential notary is essential. It’s also important to note that every state has laws on how much a notary should charge. You can obtain that information from the Secretary of State’s Website.

But, you should note that the more flexible the notary, the more you might pay for the services. This is because the states allow such notaries to charge convenience fees based on the logistics involved in their job administration.

Association Membership

Association membership is also a crucial consideration when picking a notary. Associations require all members to meet certain ethical and professional criteria. The same applies to notaries.

So, choose a notary who belongs to a professional association regarding provisions on working hours, general ethical practice, and the level of education required.


Pick a notary you can reach anytime you need their services and one who can handle emergency cases effectively and conveniently. Quick replies to your phone calls and emails and availability are two crucial things you need to consider before hiring them.

You want them to be just a call away. Experienced and reputable notary knows the significance of active communication and understands the importance of being right there for their clients.

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