What Is an Identity Protection PIN and How Do I Get One?

What Is an Identity Protection PIN and How Do I Get One?

September 7, 2022

In today’s world, people must be more careful to protect themselves from identity theft and other nuisances. Getting an IRS PIN is one way to do that. Here’s some information about IRS PINs, what they are, how to get one, and whether you need one as a taxpayer in these modern times. 

What Is an IRS PIN?

An IRS identity PIN is a number that gives taxpayers an extra level of protection regarding their tax accounts. With the IRS PIN, you can verify yourself when filing your tax returns, and having that unique number ensures that no other person can file a tax return with your name using that information.  

Identity PINs are usually six digits long, and the recipients must renew them each year. The annual PIN changes to ensure the account is extra-secure and protects the taxpayer from unauthorized tax filings.  

Why Do You Need an IRS PIN?

It’s a wise idea to have an identity PIN to save yourself the aggravation of having to straighten something out you could have avoided. A fraudulent tax return could take weeks or months to resolve. Filing for a PIN could keep you clear of those problems for as long as you apply for those numbers. The process is not complicated, and you can use it to give yourself an extra layer of security.

How Do You Get an IRS PIN?

You can use a couple of methods to get an IRS PIN from the government agency. One way is to visit the online site and search for the button that says, "Get an IP PIN." It will take you to a special form that will allow you to verify your identity.

Once you confirm and verify your identity, you can create a PIN to use with your tax return. You may also establish a PIN for next year once you file your return for this year. This option is acceptable if you’re not in a rush to acquire a number for yourself. The third way to get an IRS identity PIN is to use the online tool to schedule an appointment with an in-person IRS location.   

Is an IRS PIN a Good Idea?

Having an IRS is always a good idea, as it won’t hurt you to have another level of verification on your account. Cybercrimes and other thefts have skyrocketed recently because of the pandemic and its after-effects. Therefore, you should do anything possible to deter people from interfering with your personal information. Choose a PIN you can remember the next year when it comes time to file your IRS tax return. As long as you can do that, you’ll be on your way to filing safe and secure returns. 

Now you know all about the IRS PIN service and how you can take steps to get yourself a number. Consider signing up for one if you have any concerns about guarding your identity and protecting your account from destruction. 

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