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What Is a DBA and When Does My Business Need One?

August 7, 2022

Branding is always a major concern for businesses. You need a memorable brand name that will resonate with potential customers and clients. That way, your satisfied customers and clients will know which business to support moving forward. Adopting a DBA can help you establish the type of branding you’re looking for. Notably, a DBA can also do more than that. Learn more about the importance of DBAs by continuing with the rest of this article. Along the way, you’ll also find out if your business can benefit from registering a DBA. What Does DBA Mean? Before we get into the... View Article

Reasons Your Tax Refund Could Be Delayed

July 21, 2022

You have worked hard all year, and tax return season is here. The last thing you would want is to have your refund delayed. The turnaround time for tax returns has sped up over the previous several years, but there are simple errors you could be making to delay your turn. Read on to learn why your refund might be delayed this year.  Why Is My Tax Refund Delayed? What Could Cause My Tax Refund To Be Delayed?  Submitting an Incomplete Return It makes sense that if you complete an application without all the information, you’ll need to do it... View Article

What Do I Do if I Missed the Tax Deadline?

July 7, 2022

A moment of fear rises in many people when they realize they have missed an important tax deadline. Indeed, it makes sense that people would be fearful when they realize that something like this has passed. Fortunately, the IRS knows that this will happen on occasion, and there are things that you can do.  Can I still file my taxes if I missed the tax deadline? There are ways for you to handle your tax situation even after the deadline has passed. You will need to be very diligent about trying to make sure you don’t miss these deadlines in the future,... View Article

How To Know If You Really Classify as a Small Business

June 20, 2022

What are the different types of business classifications? As a business owner, it’s necessary to understand business classifications. This is an aspect that will enable you to make critical decisions relevant to your organization.  Unfortunately, most business owners don’t seem to understand that the sizes of their organizations determine classifications. But what is the size of business? Here’s how to know if you classify as a small business. 1. The Number of Employees The first way to know the size of your business is by looking at the number of employees. In most cases, small businesses have less than 500... View Article

What Are Articles of Incorporation?

June 6, 2022

Anyone interested in forming a corporation already knows that this business structure has many advantages. However, it is worth communicating that this corporation cannot be formed without the articles of incorporation. In short, articles of incorporation (also called a corporate charter) are a document that establishes the existence of a corporation. What is needed for articles of incorporation? As a new individual in the corporate world, it’s essential to understand what is necessary for articles of incorporation. This post details articles of incorporation requirements that you should have in place when you’re registering a corporation. 1. The Name of Your Business... View Article

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