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Which Forms of ID Are Acceptable for Notary Services?

April 22, 2020

Signing important documents with a notary is one of the smartest things you can do to prevent fraud and identity theft. A notarized signature is considered a “self-authenticating” document in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as in many state courts—in short, presenting identification for a notary in Union City, NJ provides an extra layer of protection for your sensitive information, important contracts and your business or personal financial documents. What notaries do Notaries act as impartial third-party witnesses to the signing of documents like wills, contracts and other types of documents that are often subject to fraud.... View Article

What Types of Documents Does a Notary Public Deal With?

April 10, 2020

A notary public is a person who is officially licensed and appointed by the state to act as an impartial witness when signing certain types of documents. The purpose of having a notary sign a document is to confirm the parties are who they say they are, to ensure the parties signing the document understand all its contents and to inspect the documents before signing to make sure they are legally valid. The notary public also makes sure all state rules are followed in the signing of the document. Read on for some more important notary public facts in Union... View Article


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